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Free art nouveau inspired peacock bookmark

As most of you know I am currently studying graphic design. As part of one of my classes I was required to make an art nouveau inspired bookmark. I chose to use a peacock feather that I drew in illustrator, and then brought it into photoshop to add some texture. I thought it turned out nicely and thought it would be nice to share! Feel free to use it in any way you like as personal use. If you would like to use this design in any other way, please contact me for explicit permissions. Image


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These Are A Few of My Favorite Fonts

ImageOK, so in preparation of this post I have been singing “A Few of My Favorite Things” only with the word “fonts” substituting “things”. I have problems. Most of which deal with singing about everything. Anyway today I have a pretty little compilation of some of my favorite fonts. I am a font addict. I would eat them if I could. I regularly add at least one font to my computer a week. Most are free.  Some are not. Please note that these are only shown for personal use, and I am not affiliated with these font makers in any way. Here they are in no particular order:


I love this font. It’s grungy but still legible. It has all of its numbers and even some extra characters. It looks great at high resolutions or for the web. All around happiness.



This font also comes with some extra swashes which is nice. It also comes in a slanted version too, which is also nice. It has every additional character for English and many other languages as well. It’s clean enough for print work and all around beautiful. 


Before the Rain

This font is by the same maker as Respective. (Måns Grebäck) He makes a lot of my favorite fonts, and all of his work is excellent. This particular font comes with some extra swashes and most special characters. 


Things We Said

I LOVE this font. It’s perfect for chalkboard drawings and it’s sketchy while still being clean. Comes with extra swashes and a lot of special characters. 


Special Type

This one is really nice. It has extra flourishes but not in a grungy way. Great for when you want a clean grunge. (is that a thing?)


Feel Script

OK. this is the only one on this list that isn’t free. In fact it actually costs $99. Which is a lot. However for the most part paid fonts are a much higher quality then free fonts. They are going to come with all of the special characters, be meant for use in print work and will scale better then most free fonts. There are a few free fonts that are similar in look as this one, so if you are not a font snob you can google “fonts similar to Feel Script” and you should find some. I chose to go ahead and buy it because I wanted to use it for a tattoo I am designing for myself. (It will happen one day) It was worth it to me to buy it for that reason alone, but I find that now that I have it, I always go to it.


Beyond Wonderland 

Love this one. It’s so dreamy. It’s a little bit grungy without being overdone. I love the ampersand that comes with it. I should have added it to the preview, but I didn’t think about it. 🙂


Mr. and Mrs. Popcicle

This one is a Kevin and Amanda font. They are the ones that make a font from your handwriting. The also make some other fun and whimsical fonts like this one.  Their fonts are fun, but they don’t usually come with a lot of special characters and some of their fonts (especially the handwriting ones) don’t scale well in high resolutions. 


Many Weatz

Another Måns Grebäck font. This one comes with a ton of extra swashes and is also available in a less grungy version.



Just like its name implies, a very grungy trashed font. Great when you want a lot of grunge, but sometimes hard to read.



Whimsical and fun. A perfect journaling font. Easy to read, with all of the special characters you might need.



This one is ultra grungy. Gomes with extra swashes and a good amount of special characters.



There is no link to this one as it is a packaged font for mac users. I know that this font has gotten a lot of grief from many designers, but I like it. I think it’s whimsical and fun, and looks similar to my own handwriting. I think it’s kind of like Comic Sans’s more sophisticated older brother. Not suitable for everything, but nice for journaling.


Hope you enjoyed my font picks!

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Free Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Today I wanted to do something a bit different. Last year I made a small kit to use for my daughter’s 9th birthday party. She had a “Night Owl” theme so the kit centered around owls. I wasn’t really designing at the time due to starting school and other things. This kit has just been sitting on my hard drive for over a year now, asking to be shared. 🙂



Here is the link to download this kit: Maya’s Owls

This is my first time using dropbox for something like this, so if you have any problems with the link or downloading, please let me know. This kit is free for personal use, please read the inclosed readme file for more information. The layout shown in the preview is not included in this kit, but if people are interested in it, I can make a template available for it, just let me know!


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2012 Christmas Card


This is the card we sent out for Christmas this year. Actually due to me being horribly overwhelmed with school and sewing and everything, a lot of people aren’t getting them until this week. I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t holiday specific as much as they were a year in review.
I really wanted to have something that talked about everything that has happened this year, but I hate brag letters. I thought this “infographic” style would be a much better compromise.

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My Design Style

Since I have been in school I haven’t really been involved in the digital scrapbooking community. Some people who have been doing this for years might remember me, but most people probably don’t recognize my name. I wanted to show a few of my favorite scrapbooking sets that I have made over the years, as well as a little bit about each one. I think this will be a great way to show who I am, and my style.


This is Preppy Punk. I made it for my daughter to match a photo shoot I did for her when she was five. I love the colors, and how it is girly and funky at the same time.



This is Gossip. I love the bright colors and the jeweled buttons.




This is Happy-G0-Lucky. I wanted something that was not gender specific and could be used for any type of layout. Blue and orange are two of my favorite color combos.


JustDance inItToWinIt

These two are called Just Dance and In It To Win It. I made them for Panstoria’s Artisian software. Since they were commissioned designs they are less versatile then what I usually make, but I really like how they turned out.



This last design is  called Donna Lee and it holds a special place in my heart. It was created for the Wacom Penscrappers October 2010 contest. Since October is breast cancer awareness month the asked if I would be interested in doing something in coordination with the Susan G Komen foundation. Since I lost my Grandmother ten years ago from complications resulting from breast cancer I knew I wanted to to something that was a tribute to her. I named it after her and chose colors and designs that represented her personality to me.


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